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New! Real-time PCR kits   More details  
The SYBR Green PCR Kit is an optimized, ready-to-use master mix for highly specific and sensitive real-time quantification of genomic DNA or cDNA.
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Full-service to provide all primer designs you require with our innovative tools. Special Offer: For your first 3 orders, when you order 10 oligo primers or more per order, you will receive a starter package, including a SIBO qPCR kit for 100 reaction (rxns) and three primer pairs of housekeeping genes of your choice from the table provided. (Offer expire at 12/31/2007)
Buy NetGong now! New! Vial-ette 4U ™ Micro-tube Storage Rack   More details 
A Unique Package for All Your Reagent Storage Need.
  • Storage for 0.5-2 ml micro-tubes
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Easy to insert into ice-bath
  • Easy stand on the bench
  • Space saving
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New Products
Real-time PCR Kits
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qPCR Primers for Housekeeping Genes
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